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Hi Team,

I have a situation where in two switches are connected via dark fibre

                       Existing Site                               New Site     

(SVI for vlan 300)     |                                                 |

Vlan 300------------Switch----------------------------------------Switch----------Users (Vlan 200)



                                                                        Server (Vlan 300)

These two switches are 3-4 KM apart.

Now i have extended the Vlan 300 for server farm from existing site to New site, however my SVI is still at the existing site only.

which mean if the user want to communicate with server in vlan 300, even though the server is locally at the site, it still has to traverse through the dark fiber between two switches

However , since the server is locally at site, i would like to get this addressed locally only/

Is this possible and if yes what is going to be the relevant configuration


K Subin

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Hi Team,

Any ideas, still waiting for the reply !!!!!!!!!!

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