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did router VPN ipsec site to site working with transparent proxy ip wccp ?

I configure router to use transparent proxy (ironport) with ip wccp it work nomally in Router A but my router connect vpn site to site with other router.

I try to configure interest traffic in vpn access-list to internet by proxy in other branch but it not work.

Any Suggestion ?

Dose this solution work or not ?

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Edison Ortiz
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

You need to configure WCCP inbound on Router A with the interesting traffic ACL and make sure to have the ironport configured for L3 return.

This book covers some of this detail

Thank you for your suggestion. I will confirm with engineer that configure ironport to make sure about L3 return.

Now I can see VPN packet in ipsec from Router B encrypt to Router A and Router also decrypt packet but no packet Encrypt from Router A.

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