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Do I need a Routable Interface for my ITD Ingress?

Does the Ingress Interface for ITD need to be be a routable interface with a VIP or can I simply declare it as a particular VLAN that's defined on the switch with no interface?


For more clarity, I have a Nexus device that is sitting inline at a gateway purely for ITD purposes. We have a cluster of devices scanning outbound traffic that are hanging out of line off another switch connected to the Nexus switch that we're using ITD to load balance to. Traffic then comes back to the Nexus and then out to the external interface.


As ITD is the only type of routing this box is going to be doing, will I need to configure any IP's beyond my management interface?

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ITD -Intelligent Traffic Director (ITD)  - if you mean by this, then it required VIP IP to LB right ? how will ITD decide where to send the traffic.


Look at the deployment guides :


blog will give you high level :


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I guess for clarification, I know that I need to have some sort of routable address on the device in general. My management address would provide that for me. I simply haven't found any documentation stating whether I need to have a VIP for the particular VLAN that I'm routing with ITD.


When setting up ITD, I would setup an ingress interface with:

itd MyITD
  ingress interface Vlan100

Does ITD have any requirement that I have a VIP for Vlan100 on my Nexus switch? ITD's seem like smarter route-maps to me which I do not believe would require me to have a VIP for the specific VLAN I'm concerned with rerouting.

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