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Errors with DCE on the same WIC-2T

I am having this issue with only one rack in the lab. The three routers (2911 , 1941, 2901) connect together through Smart Serial cables going to WIC-2T cards. In the configuration both serial connections going to the 1941 have the DCE.

When going to configure serial 0/0/1 I am allowed to apply a clockrate to it, however, I am kicked back an error saying that a clock rate can only be configured on DCE interface. They are both without a doubt the DCE end connecting to the WIC-2T interfaces. What could possibly cause this problem. Would SCTE or something with the auto clock-rates on the router create this problem.

Any advise is greatly appreciated,


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Peter Paluch
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Alex,

We are using serial cables all the time in our NetAcad labs, and we have never needed to tweak the SCTE setting. Simply configure a clock rate on the DCE end and there you are - no more fiddling with any other physical layer settings. I wonder - what does the show controllers serial 0/0/1 on the 1941 say? Can you post the first two screens of output?

Best regards,



Check the cabling, Are you using dte/dce crossovers , if so make sure you have the correct end attached to the right interface.



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