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ERSPAN from Branch to HQ


Hello All,

I have been banging my head over how i can configure Voice recording from Branch office to a server in HQ. My network equipment and layout is as follows.

HQ - Branch : are connected via mpls (L3) with both nodes defined via IP address

At HQ we have a cisco 2901 ISR Router with HQSw1 and HQSw2 behind it. With a recording server behind HQSw2

At Branch we have a cisco 2901 ISR Router with BrSw1 with IP Phones conncted to them.

I looked at configuring ERSPAN , but the ERSPAN command by default doesnt work on the 2911 routers. After some research i found only the 7200Routers and 6500/4500E series support that feature.

Please assist on how i can achieve this.

Note: The HQ might be changed to a 4500-E , but then how about the branch.


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Giuseppe Larosa
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hello Murtaza,

I'm afraid that with your hardware you cannot setup a working ERSPAN solution.You should deploy another recording server in the branch office

You would need a pair of C6500 one in branch office and one in HQ to configure ERSPAN.

I may be wrong but I think that C7200 do not support ERSPAN.

An alternative way would be to deploy an L2TPv3 tunnel to carry frames captured on the branch office via IP internetwork to the HQ and then to deliver them to the HQ server.

see the L2TPv3 document, It requires at least one free interface on each C2911 and a feature set appropriate to support the feature.

On the branch office you should configure the local span on the LAN switch, the monitor session destination port has to be connected to the interface of the C2911 configured for L2TPv3 in order to have frames tunneled to HQ

Hope to help


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