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FaceBook Not Opening

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We have multihome configured using  BGP  on our core router as active active mode, we are facing a problem which i am mentioning below.

When each ISP used indiviudally every thing works fine but when both the ISP's are up we cannot open facebook website from one of the ISP's , can ping facebook can trace it but cannot open it in the browser tried with multiple computers  and multiple dns servers  the same problem persist as soon  one ISP goes down facebook starts working please let me know what could be the source of the problem.

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paolo bevilacqua
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Does it happens with that destination only ?

If so, the problem is likey with them and should be notified.

This is happening only with Facebook all other sites are working fine where do you think is the problem

Can u give more detail about u r network like how u config active / active & bgp

I want to know is there any firewall / FW acting device in your network which comes to pass the traffic ?

If yes pls check is there any statefull packet is enable or disable .

one more thing u need to chk is there any way u r network is not doing asymetric routing .


Hi Ritesh,

There is no firewall I between I have directly connected the machine to wan interface with a public IP .

I checked for asymmetric routing there is no asymmetric routing happening

Regarding the BGP config I have configured /22 for one ISP and /22 to the other ISP if one goes down the traffic will be routed to other when both are active they go through respective ISP's

You can try from your pc

telnet 80

to check that the this tcp port active or the traffic is denied somewhere in your network.

Then you can use the same with the IP of the facebook (in case that you have some problem with the DNS)

telnet 80


Reply from : bytes=32 χρόνος=219ms TTL=242

As you mentioned, ping and traceroute works fine so you should not have any routing issue.

Did you try to access the facebook from the same PC which works fine with the other ISP?

As a workaround and until to find a final solution you can configure your router to prefer  for the facebook IP ( to select the ISP which works by configuring e.g. a higher BGP local preference for this subnet.

Hope that helps!


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