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Firepower NAT

Level 1
Level 1

I have Firepower 1120 in HA cluster and problem with NAT.

I have IP addresses (A/B/C means subnets, doesn't matter i think for explanation) 

A.10 - main outside public IP **bleep**

A.9 - main gateway

B.x - additional public IPs from ISP (got 5 of them, from B.146 to B.150)

C.x - internal IPs

I need to have A.10 configured as IP of outside interface and i've done it. Routing is set to static via A.9. Then I need to NAT C.x to B.x IPs, so I did "nat (vlanX, outside) source static C.2 B.149 no-proxy-arp". ACLs are correct and they doesn't matter right now, "all traffic is trusted". With this config I have no internet access on C.2 system and cannot enter system from outside using B.149 IP **bleep**. 

While my outside IP was B.150 everything was working correctly. 

When I connect system directly to B.146 IP **bleep** it is routing via A.9 gateway.

Is there anything more that I can configure to get it working?


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