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Free WiFi - Integration


When I go to the reception, I type in my name and whom I am meeting and the purpose of the meeting and it prints out a badge with a QR code.

What I want to achieve is it should print out the badge with a QR code and this QR code should contain the Guest WiFi credentials. This could either print out a QR code or directly the credentials for the WiFi and all users should have different credentials.


I currently have this type of setup -


What kind of setup would I need to integrate it with the machine at reception. Any links or videos would be helpful.

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Georg Pauwen
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VIP Master



I am not sure if Cisco has a native solution. You probably need a 3rd party supplier like Splash Access (see link below)...

paul driver
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VIP Expert


self registration /splash screen- web authentication is mostly provided by wlcs

I would suggest you submit this post to the wlan section and i am sure the wifi gurus @Scott Fella  provide an alternative solution 

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@paul driver

It looks like the access code is common for anyone entering the building. We would need separate set of credentials for each user

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