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GSR 12016 route entry capacity


How would I know if the Cisco 12016 Router can still handle the full internet route from a new IPL and if the router can still handle the load? What particular show command should I use to verify that the router is still capable to handle this?

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Giuseppe Larosa
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you should compare:

sh ip bgp summary

that tells you how much memory is used by BGP

sh proc mem | inc Free

What route processor is installed?

if PRP2 you should be fine also with

I have 3 full internet BGP sessions on this GSR:

sh ip bgp sum | inc total bytes
BGP using 162019348 total bytes of memory

Hope to help


The current setup is using a GRP with an IOS Version 12.0(31)S4.

SLOT 2  (RP/LC 2 ): Route Processor

  MAIN: type 19,  800-2427-02 rev C0

        Deviation: 0

        HW config: 0x00    SW key: FF-FF-FF

  PCA:  73-2170-06 rev B0 ver 5

        Design Release 1.5  S/N XXXXXXXXX

  MBUS: MBUS Agent (1)  73-2146-07 rev B0 dev 0

        HW version 1.2  S/N  XXXXXXXXX

        Test hist: 0xFF    RMA#: FF-FF-FF    RMA hist: 0xFF

  DIAG: Test count: 0xFFFFFFFF    Test results: 0xFFFFFFFF

  FRU:  Linecard/Module: GRP-B=

        Route Memory: MEM-GRP-512=

  MBUS Agent Software version 1.117 (RAM) (ROM version is 2.67)

  ROM Monitor version 2.2

  Primary clock is CSC 1

  Board State is IOS Running  ACTIVE (ACTV  RP )

  Insertion time: 00:01:01 (3y43w ago)

  DRAM size: 536870912 bytes

Is there a particular command that would show me how many memory it is currently using for routes? If a new IPL will be included would it still write new routes or just update the existing routes on the router?