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Installing Right to Use (RTU) on ISR 4000 series after Fuji 16.9?

My client purchased an ISR 4451 router and the throughput license (FL-44-PERF-K9).  All Cisco routers and switches are running Fuji 16.9.5.

Curiously, it appears that Right to Use licensing (RTU) has been deprecated for switches in Fuji.



However, I can't find any indication that it's been deprecated for routers.  The latest document I can find on RTU only refers to ASRs, not ISRs.


The only ISR document I can find on RTUs dates from December 4th of 2019.


This states to simply use the platform hardware throughput level command, write mem then reload.


Anyone know if Fuji 16.9.x still supports RTU for feature licenses like FL-44-PERF-K9?  Anyone know the roadmap for conversion to Smart Licensing for routers, which I assume are going the same path as switches?

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Licenses are managed as smart licenses from Cisco IOS XE Fuji 16.9.1 and later. Right-to-Use licenses are deprecated from Cisco IOS XE Fuji 16.9.1.


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Thanks for the link.  You may be correct, however your link, as mine in the original post refers specifically to switches, not routers.  Additionally, the Release Notes for switches (2850, 9300, etc...) in Fuji 16.9.1 specifically states:


Starting from Cisco IOS XE Fuji 16.9.1 the Right-To-Use (RTU) licensing mode is deprecated, and the associated license right-to-use command is no longer available on the CL


There is no such statement in the Release notes for any version of Fuji for routers, however.  


Traditionally, you would use the following command to activate a Right-To-Use throughput license and this command is still available via the CLI:  platform hardware throughput level { X_in_bits| Y_in _bits} command


So, does anyone know if Smart Licensing is required for the 16.9 train of Fuji for routers...?



I can see that this is confusing. The document linked below says the following:


Platforms Supported
Smart Licensing was first supported on Cisco IOS XE 16.10.1a by all routing platforms. The following are the list of platforms that support Smart Licensing:

All ASR1000 series fixed and modular platforms

All ISR 4000 series routers and ISR 1100 series routers

CSR1000v and ISRv routers

In general most of the IOS XE across platforms same, i may have given specific version with a different platforms.


here is cover release notes of all the devive which can give you correct information.


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