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ip route xx.xx.xx.xx 10.x.x.x name vdi-traffic track 10


I came across one static route command in the configs and could not able to understand the significant of using the track command at the end of static route command.


Also, when I check #show track I get this output

abcd-xyz#show track brief

Track Type        Instance                   Parameter      State Last Change

10        ip sla      100                        reachability     Up    14:56:26


Are these both related? 

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Georg Pauwen
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VIP Master



the IP SLA and the route tracking are indeed related. Your config should look something like this:


track 10 ip sla 100 reachability


ip sla 100

icmp-echo source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0

frequency 3


ip sla schedule 100 start-time now life forever


ip route xx.xx.xx.xx 10.x.x.x name vdi-traffic track 10

ip route xx.xx.xx.xx 10.x.x.x name vdi-traffic 100


This means when the IP SLA is down, the primary route is tracked and removed from the routing table, and the secondary route with the higher administrative distance is installed.

paul driver
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The example you show is IPLSA tracking
However tracking is not just used with IPSLA,, In fact it doesn’t have to use IPSLA whatsoever, It can be used against metric changes in the route table of a specific route prefix(s) or reachability of an ip route(s) or interface(s), it quite a versatile feature

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