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IP SLA with Object Tracking on Cisco 861, 871, 881 & 891



We are an ISP & curently using Cisco 1841 Router with Single HWIC-4ESW Card at customer sites which require redundant auto-failover solution to terminate Multiple last-mile Fiber-Optic links (we get Ethernet interface using media converter). The 2 lastmile links are connected to the on-board 2 Ethernet WAN ports, while HWIC-4ESW is conencted to their LAN. We configure Static Route Object Tracking using IP SLA on Router at customer side Router as well as Router at our end.

(Now with 1841 EOL, we can also do the same on Cisco 1941)

Q1 ) In order to save cost as well as smartly get this done, for last-mile 2 to 4 Mbps links,  I want to ask if we can use any alternate Router for this purpose such as Cisco 861, 871, 881, 891 for auto-failover configuration?

Q2) As per Data Sheet & Features, Cisco 891 is replacement product of Cisco 1811 & has two Ethernet WAN ports (can be used to terminate 2 last-mile Ethernet links) & 8-port LAN Swicth (to conenct to LAN), so ato-faiolver config here should not be an issue. But since I haven't checked yet so please share if anyone tested it?

Q3) On Cisco 861, 871 or 881, since there is only one designated WAN port while 4-port LAN Switch. If we could configure one of the Switch port as Routed port (using no switchport command), then do you think we can connect one last-mile link on it while the other last-mile link on the on-board Ethernet WAN port & further configure similar Static Route Object Tracking using IP SLA to make this Router (861, 871 or 881) deliver auto-faiolver requirement?


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