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Sorry Noob to Net here. So I have the below physical network devices. I have already configured the routers according to the attached document but now I need to add a switch to each Router 1 and Router 2. What configuration I need to make on those devices? Much Thanks.


Router 1: 1941

Router 2 1941

Catalyst 3750 (Switch1 physically connected to Router 1)

Catalyst 3750 (Switch 2 physically connected to Router 2)

Router 3 (2911)

Router 4 (2911) 

Cisco Catalyst (3560) Switch 3 connected to Router 3

Cisco Catalyst (3560) Switch 4 connected to Router 4

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have a look at the simple lab attached.

View solution in original post

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just connect each switch to a port on the router. Whatever IP address that port has, is the default gateway for the clients connected to the switch:






interface FastEthernet0/0

description Link to Switch 4

ip address


Now connect the switch to that port. All PCs connected to the switch need to have as their default gateway, and an IP address from the subnet.

thank you. If I have Switch 1 connected to Router 1 and Switch 2 connected to Router 2. How would I get a PC connected to each switch able to ping each other?



have a look at the simple lab attached.

I am sure that the implementation in the lab supplied by Georg is excellent and provides the connectivity that the original poster asks about. The original post asks a simple question "How would I get a PC connected to each switch able to ping each other?" And I believe that there is a simple answer. As long as the PCs have IP addresses in the correct subnet and have the correct default gateway configured (the IP address of the connected router interface) then the routing protocols specified in the lab (OSPF and BGP) running on the routers will enable the routers to forward traffic for remote destinations correctly and will enable the PCs to ping each other.


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