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Load Balance on 3825


Hi All,

i have a c3825 ( that now is standard with 2 GigabitEthernet interface but i can install any module ) and i need to connect both my AS-links versus internet on it. So how can i do load balance between any interface to get best result from my double internet connection??

Thank for any answer

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cadet alain


Cisco routers don't do load-balancing, they do load-sharing and the default is per src-dst IP pair.

You can verify which path traffic will take with the show ip cef exact-route command specifying the src and dst IPs.



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Don't forget to rate helpful posts.

Alain ty for your answer .. but if u can be more specific on configuration .. couse u are sure much more skilled then me in Cisco world.


for traffic to be load-shared you need equal cost(metric) routes installed for the same prefix(in your case the default route).

So just configure 2 static default routes pointing to the next-hop or dialer interface if you are doing PPPoE.


ip route dialer1

ip route dialer 2

For NAT: here's an example with fe0/0 being LAN interface

int f0/0

ip add

ip nat inside

no shut

int dialer 1

ip nat outside

int dialer2

ip nat outside

access-list 101 permit ip any

route-map DIALER1

match ip address 101

match interface dialer1

route-map DIALER2

match ip address 101

match interface dialer2

ip nat inside source route-map DIALER1 interface dialer1

ip nat inside source route-map DIALER2 interface dialer2



Don't forget to rate helpful posts.

Don't forget to rate helpful posts.

thnks so much Alain

Joseph W. Doherty
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If your IOS (with correct feature set) supports it, OER/PfR can load balance your egress.

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