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I am having one question regarding conditional default route advertisement in rip.    My SETUP============= R routing tableC      ...

Hi,I am running ospf in hub and spoke scenario all frame maps are active and can ping each other, now problem is can’t see any ospf neighbor relations with other routers all three routers are in same subnet and in same area and also checked the hello...

feroz syed by Level 3
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Dear AllI have internet router (IR-1) connected to Core switch and three ISPs this router is very old, my plan is bring new internet router (IR-2) and do following steps for shifting the traffic :1.       Enable IBGP between IR-1 and IR-2.2.       Sh...

Steev112 by Level 1
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Hi,reading CCO documentation for OER it is not so clear to me the difference between backoff timer (3 values used for dampening) anf holddown timerBTW which are the triggers for OER to evaluate the MTCs and in turn move them to another exit link (if ...

HiCan you help?I am trying to find on Cisco's web site the specification of their power cables for the ASR1002.  I am particularly interested in the NEMA specification for  the US power cable CAB-AC-RA .Phil

pbelletty by Level 1
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Hello,I would like to ask for your help with choosing a switch for my network.What I have:-Office #1. 25 users (PCs + VoIP phones) with Cisco ASA which does QoS and security-Cisco 1841 Router-50Mbps internet connection (supplied over ethernet cable)-...

Hi all,I am facing issue with using IP SLA, i am given a project in office and need to implement policy based routing,for some reasons i want to use loopback for it.I have 2 routers A and Bi just want if traffic from 216.0 network comes on A set next...

Branch office has 881 VPN router. Services that ignore MSS in packets don't work. Adjusting MSS has no effect since the services are ignoring that setting. Example: works fine, but some Yahoo sites don't.Found a workaround for exceeded...

Hello,I am troubleshooting a multivendor solution over alu, cisco, and juniper where all but the ALU are set to the default MTU (1500+vendor overhead inclusion), the ALU is set to 1540. I have a router inserting into the alu ring trying to reach anot...

From CCIE written exam guide:The Cisco 3560 uses a relatively simple classification scheme, assuming you consider only what happens when the forwarding decision has been made. These switches make most internal QoS decisions based on an internal DSCP ...

hello guys,I am having an issue with one of my routers which is complaining of memory make matters worse its our internet edge router, it runs NAT and we are proposing running webvpn on it.don't know what the problem is, but we have ...

ayokunles by Level 1
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So about an hour ago, our Linksys E1500 was reset (because of my stupid attempt to reset the login and change our security type), and now I couldn't get it back to normal. I'm currently working off the ethernet connection (Old school, since our modem...

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