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Maximum possible ISDN calls?

Dear Friends,

What is the maximum possible ISDN calls on Cisco 7206VXR router using PRI links and PRI supported cards.


Ameen Ahmed.

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

Do you have the router and the cards, or your is only a hipotetical question ?

Do you refer to voice or data calls ?

In other words, what are yting to do, in reality ?

Hi Paolo,

I'm talking about data calls.. as backup link..

The 7206VXR router is at central site.. Its connected to more than 1500 banch locations.

I've dedicated links to all braches, and now i want to configure backup links of 64kbps to each brach..

PRI links are available.. I can buy any type of cards for 7206VXR..

I want to know what is the maximus calls supprted by my router with any card..


With 6x PA-MC-8TE1+ you should be able to support 1440 calls, theoretically.

What will require NPE-G1 or G2.

However for many good reasons, you shoudl balance the load across multiple routers.

I too was thinking in that way.. but, practically we can't configure more than 4 PRI on the card, i think so.. again whether the router will support it or not.. these are my doubts..

Which exact card do you have as seen from "show diag" ?

In any card which have 8 E1/T1 ports.. we can configure only four of them as PRI channels.. the rest can only be configured as a dedicated E1 or T1 line.. i've not checked this.. i've heard this from one engineer.. i want to know the details..

That is true for certain cards and not for others, specifically the one I have mentioned before.

That is why I asked you to mention what you have.

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