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I have a problem,I want migrate from ISP Internet B to Internet A .  The mail service is neccessary to continu to communicate throught Internet B but the default gateway throught Internet A.Do you have a solution ThksG.GELINAS@VIDEOTRON.CA

ggelinas by Beginner
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Hello,We are using a leased line between too citysi have a router connected to a juniper firewalland i need to configure this router to act as bridgei aleardy configure routers to act as bridge but for an adsl linei need to do the same for a leased l...

I have this network setupLAN ----------- Rtr1------------Rtr2--------------WAN RtrI want to setup static routes to make this work.My 3 networks are: , 64, 96 / 28My question is this. On the WAN Rtr to route to the two LAN networks will I ...

Hi,We received this question from our CSC Facebook community.w Zafari  have a question that router 2811 having ping responses 2000ms on  directly connected devices.whats the reason behind this and ...

I am in the process of replaceing 7206VXR for a 7609 WS-SUP720-3B running Native IOS :c7600s72033-advipservicesk9-mz.122-33.SRC6The issue I am having is when I try to add "encapsulation dot1q 1 native" to one of my sub-interface's, I get an error tha...

I am new the MPLS game and am looking for some information. What is the best way to configure MPLS? I have 3 point that have Ethernet hand off and one that is going 4XT1’s. Currently I have the ports configured with the IP’s and an trying to figure o...

ddevecka by Beginner
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Hi, I am trying to limit internet traffic fllooding the link by policing it but I cannot get it to match any packets on interface atm0.1.Any ideas? Thanksclass-map match-any VOICE match  dscp ef match  dscp cs3 match  dscp af41 match access-group ...

bwilks by Beginner
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We have 2 datacenters in 2 locations. we are running EIGRP in Datacenters and BGP between them. Now need to create route map for a new subnet so that traffic to and from the new datacenter uses secondary VPN link rather primary MPLS link

Hello all. I have just started working as a Network engineer for a company and one of my first tasks is setting up the WAN to forward multicast traffic. Here is the scenario -They want to stream live tv from a studio at their 'site A' to 2 other site...

west33637 by Beginner
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Hi allI have 2 shdsl modems connected to cisco 2821 router via serial interface, and another shdsl routers that is configured as bridge (not connected to cisco).so I have 3 branches that is connected via shdsl. I want to  replace these modems/router ...

Hi guys,I have a situation here and I am not sure how do I solve it.At one site I have an MPLS single link with subnet connected to L3 switches.At the other site I have another MPLS single link with subnet connected to L...

hi, everyone.i have a question....i tried to load IOS image to 7609-S but i couldn'; can you check my xmodem  log under?I don't know why i can't load from xmodem.rommon 4 > confreg           Configuration Summary   (Virtual Configuration Regi...

yongsikahn by Beginner
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GreetingI have a bgp router, and it has more than one connections. they looks all can send whole routing table to the neibour without problem. However, I have just configure a new one with private ip address the porpose is to send a ...

julxu by Beginner
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I have a question around design of the following, if this is the wrong place to ask please let me know, but here goes:We have a requirement to do layer2 bridging on wan links, and also have routing on the same links.The reasons for this is the nature...