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Multicast Doubts

Hi folks,

I ask your help to analyze the following scenario:


I have a Cisco 3925 router in my environment. In the interface GigabitEthernet0 / 0 is connected the WAN cable (which is a 100 Mbps circuit. Through this link

I get high traffic Multicast).


The Gigabit Ethernet 0/1 interface is the LAN interface. This interface is connected on a switch where servers are connected. On these servers there are several applications that subscribe to multicast channels.


I see in the application log that there is a lot of packet loss occurring. I checked
also that the router is incremented some error logs when I execute some commands.


I have already made some adjustments to the router, but the errors still continue:


I made some adjustments:


* Change Queue on Gigabit Ethernet 0/1 Interface (LAN):

 hold-queue 1500 in
 hold-queue 1500 out
* Change Queue on  GigabitEthernet 0/0 (WAN) interface:

 hold-queue 1500 in
 hold-queue 1500 out
* Adjustments Public Buffers:


buffers small permanent 1500
buffers small max-free 1500
buffers small min-free 700
buffers small initial 550


buffers middle permanent 1500
buffers middle max-free 1500
buffers middle min-free 700
buffers middle initial 550


buffers big permanent 1500
buffers big max-free 1500
buffers big min-free 700
buffers big initial 550


buffers verybig permanent 1500
buffers verybig max-free 1500
buffers verybig min-free 700
buffers verybig initial 550


buffers large permanent 1500
buffers large max-free 1500
buffers large min-free 700
buffers large initial 550


buffers huge size 54072


When I execute the commands below I see some error counters:


* Output command show interfaces are there drops (figure Cisco_Call001)

* Output command show interface GigabitEthernet0 / 1 there are drops (figure Cisco_Call002)

* Output command show buffers (figure Cisco_Call003)

* Output command show interfaces switching (figure Cisco_Call004)


Are there other settings that can be applied to the router for better
MULTICAST TRAFFIC (Microburst occurs in the course of the day) and avoid these losses that are occurring?


Are there any settings for me to be able to HANDLE MICROBURST?



Could you please share below outputs? Feel free to remove public IP addresses and other private information from the outputs.


show running-config
show version
show module
show ip mroute
show ip pim neighbor
show ip route
show interfaces
show interface switching 



I'd like to make sure that CEF es enabled globally with ip cef and not disabled on any interface with no ip route-cache. Also, what is the bandwidth that all the Multicast traffic simultaneously is consuming? Does this happen if you have a single Multicast stream running and not all of them simultaneously?


Thanks for listening. Attached are some files.


* "Show_commands" files with requested commands;


* PNG files showing usage (including Microbursts). The orange line is the average consumption that measured by megabit per second, the red line is the microbursts traffic (traffic measured in tenths of seconds).


Hello folks!


I need help to analyze this case.


Could someone help me?