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I have been practicing EIGRP on the INE lab (topology included), and came across a problem. In the topology I want to do unequal cost load sharing on R6 to the destination R6 should load share some traffic to R7 and some to R1. The exac...

Hi, I have an ASR 1000x router that has to be connected with two fiber optic (ethernet link)  to two different brand router (not CISCO). My need is to configure or create a script that in case of one ethernet link go down all traffic will be moved on...

I have inherited a piecemeal network that has many things I haven't figured out yet. I'm no network engineer so I lean of the TAC for most complex changes.   I have an issue with our BGP changing routes today for some reason and I'm trying to figure ...

jacobyoby by Beginner
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Hi All,   I came across a network where the Public IP is used at the inside interface of the Internet router connecting the firewall.  Why public ip is used at the segment connecting the router and the firewall instead of having a private ip.   Pleas...

Rickey369 by Beginner
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Hello Experts - This is a conceptual question. Can you please help me clarifying   Two sites are connected using Internet/MPLS link. I have IPSEC VPN configured between the sites. In the interesting traffic ACL I configured Longest prefix (

Hello, I would like to setup 1 of my branches to talk SLA to our MPLS router back at the main datacenter here.   I'm specifically testing for packet loss and bandwidth:   Branch-Router(config-ip-sla)#?IP SLAs entry configuration commands: dhcp DHCP O...

Amafsha1 by Explorer
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Hello Guys,   I am in IT from almost 3 years now, configuring Firewall and core switches.   I always configure static routing sometimes with policy based routing but never did dynamic routing.   whats the benefits and requirement of dynamic if everyt...

ITexpert by Participant
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Hey, I have problem with port forwarding.  I want to achieve:  When I open web browser with on laptop it should be forwarded to and admin page from LTE Router should be open.    Building configuration... Current conf...


Hello there, I'm trying to track down the timer which triggers the event to send a BGP update to a peer when configuration has changed for example a route-map configured on a neighbor. When doing a debug on a router running BGP it appears that once...

Hi,   we were asked by a service provider to acquire a C2951 in order to provide a easy vpn client ability and as we currently own a brand new 4351 router which is by the cisco EOL notice supposed to replace it for VPN services capabilities i am havi...

HaroldZ by Beginner
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Hi All,   I have a customer who has two Data Center sites running iBGP between them.  We will be adding a new WAN and we want the subnets local to each site to be advertised across the new WAN which will have an eBGP relationship two each of the Data...