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Multichassis Multilink PPP Lab

David Rosener
Level 1
Level 1


I am trying to create a lab to set up MMP. I want to simulate a router with a bonded T1 connecting to 2 separate routers using MMP. See attached image. I have looked over the Cisco link for MMP ( and I feel like I'm missing something. Anyone have any configuration suggestions?




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Giuseppe Larosa
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hello David,

in order to be able to perform multichassis multilink a direct link between the two routers RB and RC is needed ,as they need to use it to re-assembly PPP fragments for example.

>> High-latency WAN links between stack members, causing MP reassembly delays, may cause multichassis MP to be inefficient.

you need a LAN interface between RB and RC

Hope to help


OK. So I fiddled around with it a little more to get the configuration below.

Now what I can't figure out is a failover configuration for MMP. Say RouterB is hosting the bundle connection to RouterA. Any traffic going to RouterA is going through RouterB. If RouterB fails, I want RouterC to pick up the connection to RouterA. The only way I can get that to happen is if I disable and reenable the serial interface on RouterC (connected to RouterA).

Also, shouldn't MMP load-balance over both routers?

PS. I'm using HSRP to keep the ping going if I turn one of the routers off.

Just reposting to see if anyone can get a chance to look at this.


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