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Multiple NAT types on a single router.

I’m trying to setup multiple NAT translations within a single router and I currently have a x.x.x.104/29 to play with.  This is general list of what I would like to accomplish.   Most of the information I can find covers each of these items but not all within the same box.  Also I plan on trying to do this as a RoAS setup.  To start with I’m using a ISR 2811 and a 3750 L3 Switch.  I’ll probably be moving this to my 3945 when I get around to getting a L3 switch and a POE power supply for it. 


x.x.x.105/29 this one I want to use just as a PAT

x.x.x.106/29 this one I would like to use for http/https ,ftp, etc.  Here all the different services would be offered by different vm’s sitting on my server.

x.x.x.107/29 would be a static translation going to and ASA for VPN traffic.

x.x.x.108-.109/19 I haven’t committed to anything yet.  I’m open to ideas of what to use these for.  I have a couple Vic3-4fxs/did’s and PVDM’s lying around.  Might try to do some voice here. 


For the .106/29 would it be ok to deliver all these services on the same vlan or would It be better to break them up.  This is simply a best practice question.  I may try to do this both ways.



In advance,

Thank you to the whole community.

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