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Multiple VLANs with DHCP Server

Hey guys, I a junior level network admin, and working on my CCNA, currently have my CCENT. So I have been doing some study with Packet Tracer, and I am at a spot where I just dont know how to fix my problem.

I have a router, connected to switch, and off of that switch I have a server with DHCP. When I go to configure the DHCP withing the server it has the default serverPool for the IP addresses. My issues is when I create another pool for my VLANS, i can not get it to distribute the IP addresses from my new pool, it just hands out IP address from the default pool.

For a test, i have a PC connected to port 10 on the switch, and that port is in VLAN 10. That PC receives NO Ip address, but the other PC received IP addresses from the default pool.

My question I guess is how to set up DHCP, NOT in the router. but on a server, and have VLAN 10 use IP address's from my newly created pool called "Main" which start at Like how to you assign pool "Main" to VLAN 10.

I am not too sure if i explained it correctly. So I figured I would send my packet tracer, its just a simple design, just trying to work on my DHCP leases.                  


One way is to have server that supports dot1q (NIC must support this feature) and set port on switch that connects to server as trunk port, configure IP address on the server for vlan 10...

The other way is to set ip helper address (ip helper-address dhcp-server-ip-address) on a router interface that connects to your vlan 10 on the switch. Take a look at


Both of Jernei's answers are correct, but I would personally use the 'ip helper address' as this requires less configuration.

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Thank guys, did not learn about ip helper yet, but yes I would have to say much easier to use.