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Newbie alert: using switch for 2 networks - 1 with router - 1 on direct internet

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sorry for this newbie question but i have tried for many hours and cannot get this to work.  I am the proud owner of a cisco SGE2000P.  This switch is connected to a router which in turn is connected to an internet cable modem.  The router acts also a DHCP server.

I have two femtocells (these are network devices which create a 3G / UMTS radio coverage for home use and then channel the mobile voice traffic directly onto the internet - Vodafone sells them in many european markets - their main use is to fix network coverage problems in SME environments without expensive radio network investments).  These femtocells require direct access to the internet and cannot be placed behind a router.  Today i have connected the femtocells to the modem.  All is working well.

If possible, then I would like to connect the femtocells devices via the SWITCH to the Internet.  Benefit would be that the switch has POE and I can remove the external power adaptors on the femtocells.  Moreover from a network architecture it is a cleaner solution.  I have already tried setting up seperate VLAN and connect this to the three ports used, i.e. 2 ports for the femtocells and 1 port for direct connection to the MODEM.

However this does not seem to work.  Maybe I don't understand how VLANs work and i really need a physical separation between these LANs?

please help,


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Tod Larson
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Do normal computers connected to the switch access the Internet fine today?

I suspect what you need to do is port forward traffic from your Internet facing router/firewall to the femtocell.

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