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OpenVPN RV320 RDP Issue

I have configured my RV320 router to allow OpenVPN into the network. I have done this on many routers, it's usually straightforward and never causes any issues. For some reason, once I connect to the router I cannot RDP anywhere. I've tried disabling firewall, ensured RDP is enabled, and compared to other RV320 routers I can successful OpenVPN and RDP into the machine. I was just trying to see if it's faulty hardware or configuration has changed? I've looked all over to try and find an resolution and nothing seems to work. I thought it might've been a firmware issue but I updated the firmware to the most recently release and still nothing. I've tried pinging the machine with firewall disabled and enabled and the request times out regardless of the firewall. I figured I would see if anyone else has ran into this issue?

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I remember somebody having a similar issue a short while ago, the only thing that eventually helped was a factory default reset of the router, and a start-from-scratch configuration.


Below the link on how to do the factory default reset:

Thanks Georg for the quick response. I factory reset the router not too long ago because the certificate wasn't configured correctly but I'll try that again and see if it fixes the issue.

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