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OSPF - Default Route Injection

Dan Man

I have an environment with a catalyst 9300 as a core L3 switch.  On this switch, I have an SDWAN router, and an MPLS router.  All of my internet traffic goes out through the SDWAN router via a static default 0 route.  All of my RFC1918 addresses go through my MPLS router via OSPF.  Here's my question.  On my MPLS router OSPF config, I am injecting a default route from the MPLS router to my core L3 switch via the default originate from OSPF.  I can verify that the core switch is seeing this default route.  When my SDWAN router goes down, or if there is an issue with the internet circuit, I'd like for the default route to switch over to the injected default route from MPLS, so that the internet traffic defaults through the MPLS router.  When I test this, IP SLA tracking does show that the circuit is down, so the static default route is removed from the routing table, but the injected OSPF route never takes over.  Just hoping that maybe someone can shed some light on this.  Thanks for all of your help!

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are you config the default route with always keyword ?
NOTE:-you must be sure that IP SLA take path through the MPLS, if not the IP SLA can take other path through SDWAN and hence the IP SLA is never work.



post the full running configuration of the Catalyst 9300...

It might also be helpful if we could see the output of these commands from the core switch

show ip ospf

show ip ospf neighbor


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