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Packet tracer: I cannot figure out what I did wrong with my DHCP


I am tasked with configuring the DHCP server to auto assign IPs to each department. Each department is in its own VLAN. The only IPs that are being assigned right now are 169.x.x.x and I am not sure why. Can anybody help?

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Georg Pauwen
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what instructions are you following ? I have opened your file, there are numerous misconfigurations which will take several hours to fix. Your DHCP pools are misconfigured, and the layer 2 switch is used as a layer 3 switch, with several Vlan interfaces configured that can never work as true layer 3 interfaces.

Post the full text of the instructions you are following.

  • Assign static addresses for security and ease of management
  • Public IP addresses
    • IP address is assigned to the company from the ISP
    • NAT services
      • Assign the Web and DNS Servers static 1-to-1 NATs
      • Use dynamic NAT overload to support network
    • Private IP addresses to internal VLANs
      • Assign private IP subnet addresses to each department, use VLAN number in address
      • Assign private IP address to device(s) in DMZ
      • Use 192.168.56.y addressing range, point to appropriate gateway and DNS 
      • Set up DHCP Pools for dynamic addresses on DHCP server
      • Create static routes using route summarization where appropriate


  • DMZ to support services
    • Configure the following services
      • Web Service
      • DNS
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