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Ping from PC but not from router CLI, ICMP-echo, ping, router, failover

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I've successfully configured failover using ICMP-echo (SLA) , but now I want to change the target IP address (now using the directed connected  next hop addressed) to online brought IP address. The problem is I can't ping it (online brought IP) from Router CLI but when we use the computer connected in our network the ping is working for all IP addresses including the online. We are using EIGRP to dynamically learn all routers, and it are working well for hosts, but why I can't too from the router CLI?? The router CLI are pinging all locals network learned, but not to online IP addresses learned too, but it can be done from PC.... I need it all from router CLI, at least the one who I want to be my ICMP-echo target. please Help me 

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Have you tried to ping it from router using LAN interface as a Source? If this ping works then are you using ZBFW? Maybe you are missing some rules for self zone.


Can you share the configuration of the router in a file and attach to this post?

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