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Policy routing traffic sourced at router

Level 1
Level 1

Is there a way to policy route traffic sourced at the router?

I have a router that has a second connection to the Internet and is acting as a SIP gateway (CME) and I'd like to force VoIP traffic sourced at the router out the second connection.

Data will default out the first connection to the Internet.


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Your concern is actually justified, only by trying one would get to know.

Thank you for the nice rating and good luck!

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paolo bevilacqua
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Yes, "ip local policy".

However if you configure a more specific route for your SIP detination via the interface you want, no PBR will be even be necessary.

Thanks much for the tip. I was considering just configuring a specific route to the VoIP provider's gateways, but was unsure if they would redirect to other IP's or gateways on their network. Using, which I think uses Level 3 in there somewhere too.

Thanks again.

Thanks again.

Your concern is actually justified, only by trying one would get to know.

Thank you for the nice rating and good luck!

I'll give it a whirl. I think I have an ACL on another router out there that only permits inbound RTP from their gateways and it has been working so far, so I might be good with just a couple routes.

I just got of the phone with their tech support and the rep seems to think traffic should only come from their gateways. I'll cross my fingers.

Thanks again for the help as always. If I could I'd throw in an extra 5 to make the rating an even 10.


Well, it turns out that their media streams go all over the place, so specific routes are going to work so well.

I've tried the ip local policy so far with no success, trying to specify RTP packets.

Have you bound media and signaling to a specific interface already ?

No, not for SIP. I have for H.323 since I have some intersite dial-peers.

Someone also mentioned on the Cisco wiki about binding the media under 'voice service voip' 'sip', but my window ended before I had a chance to try.

So once I bind the media to the WAN link should the policy routing do its thing? There was also concern about the SIP traffic to the CUE module if binding to the WAN and using policy routing, but maybe simply omitting the CUE SIP/RTPP trafic from the policy route would solve that. Even with the media bound to a public WAN interface I would think that the CUE module should be able to route to it.

And as far as intersite goes I think any calls to the local AA or CUE would still be between the remote site and the CUE module, no SIP/RTP sourced at the local router.

Thoughts? It sounds good on paper anyway.


No head bandaging before breaking it, try and let us know.

I know this is really old but here it is 2016 and for some reason any RTP generated traffic by the router still doesn't follow a ip local policy.

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