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Prefixes with no ROA incorrectly installed as RPKI State Valid

Infrastructure Environment:

ASR1000 and ASR920

IOS 16.09.03


Under certain circumstances that I'm investigating, I'm seeing our routers install RPKI "Valid" states into the routing table for prefixes that are supposed to be "Not Found". This doesn't occur for all BGP sessions on that router but for specific peers. When a BGP session is in this state, all prefixes from that peer are installed as "Valid". In other words, show bgp neighbor w.x.y.z received-routes and show bgp neighbor w.x.y.z routes have all prefixes as RPKI Valid.


I've checked the RPKI table on the router (show bgp ipv4 unicast rpki table) and the covering ROAs are not present for these prefixes that are incorrectly installed into the routing table as Valid.


The issue gets resolved when I clear the BGP session with peer w.x.y.z. However it goes back into this state sporadically and causes routing issues in our network, since IOS prefers "Valid" routes over "Invalid" ones.


I've tried to search for a known bug with no luck. Please assist.

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