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Problem with EIGRP Adjacency


I'm trying to connect dubai-edge router to the dubai network so I can later connect it to the WAN. I'm using EIGRP but I'm not sure why it's not routing the network to the edge router although pings are successful within the network and two routers.


I've attached my network below. Any help is much appreciated


Martin L
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Your have typo in IP address on interface serial 0/0/0. 

Normally to save IP address space those Serial p2p networks should have /30 mask

Also, be careful PT may crash (misbehave) with so many devices and links


Regards, ML
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thank you for the suggestion. Could you tell me what's the typo because I can't see it

For any 2 routers exchange routes; they must be on same subnet.  it should be 0 not 1 in

interface Serial0/0/0

ip address


Regards, ML
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