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Putty Commandsender - [use]

Jigar Dave
Level 3
Level 3


I have to change some parameters like admin passwords, snmp parameters, line vty changes, NTP parameters to my 30 routers located at different locations. so instead of going to each router and modify it, I think I can use putty commandsender (utility) but here the dilemma starts - I dont know how to telnet all 30 routers at one shot and add these commands, I have seen doing the same thing by some of my friend in previous organization but he is no more now. can you tell me how it is possible, I give you some hints, he used to add all IP address of routers in one excel sheet and then starts putty commandsender - but I dont know exactly how its done.

response is appreciated



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Kevin Brennan
Level 1
Level 1

Hi  Jigar,

Putty Conection manager might help you here (

You create a database of all your routers and then connect to the database - this opens a session to all of them. there's a command sender built into PuttyCM.

Only for windows though.



Hi Kevin,

I have gone through the site and installed the same on my laptop but I could not find built in feature of command sender, can you explain how I can send one command to 30 routers at the same time (one shot).

Thanks in advance and sparing your valuable time for me.


Hi Jigar,

If you view the connection manager "View" --> "Connection Manager". Create a Telnet/SSH session for all of your devices (only need to do this once) then save it.

Right click on the Telnet/SSH folder and select "Connect All" You have to re-arrange the display untill all the windows are visible.

Now click on "View" --> "Toolbars" and make sure that "Multi Command Sender" is selected.

Click on the MCS button toolbar and select "All Visable" - now type in the commands you want to go to all sessions and hit enter.

You'll see each session update itself.

I've never used it for an many as 30 sessions, but I regurarly use it for between 10 and 15 routers.



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