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Router for Branch Office

Hi all,

My company has a couple of branch offices that are not connected to our headquarters. Our current plan/goal is to connect all offices with HQ over VPN connection. We want to have just one main firewall over which all other offices will go out to the internet. 

Now, we have some project in one of our BO and we need to buy a router. Since we are planning to connect all BO to HQ, we want to start with buying routers for our BO and next year we will buy main router/firewall at HQ which will replace the current one and will do all the work.

To be on track, we have to make a standard for our BO and in future purchase only what we need. 

Currently, we need that router to work as a DHCP server, create a couple of VLANs and that's it. Later, we will need that router to make a VPN connection to our HQ, over current 50 Mbps internet connection (probably in future will be upgraded to 100 Mbps).


Last year, someone from our company, purchased Cisco RV342 SMB and I have found very unstable and slow. Also, I have found in our storage room 892SFP and on first look, it seems good. Should we use a similar router for all our BO?


Btw. our Management doesn't like a cloud so Meraki is not an option for us. I tried to convince them but they don't want to consider Meraki as an option.

What would you recommend? 


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What is the budget?
What are the WAN links for each site?

For BO budget goes up to a maximum of 2.000$ per device.
WAN links are - fiber 50/50 Mbps internet with /29 public IP

for that speed you mayreally want a 4321 or 4331, there about 3k list price a router though but with your discount if your company has one with there supplier it may bring it down

think about the encryption to it can half the speed when its tunneled

handy tool for this

yes agreed 4K Routers are reasonable for branch routers.


model compare


you can negotiate with Partner, or check some refurbishment supplier with support to meet your costing.

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