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Router recieving pings but not responding?

Hi all,


I have an ASR901 that is showing as "Down" from my Solarwinds server. From my server, I can putty into the device but I cannot ping it.


If I do a "debbug ip icmp" I can see the router showing this:

ICMP: echo reply rcvd, src, dst, topology BASE, dscp 0 topoid 0


It does not show a "SENT" like when I ping it from my desktop:

ICMP: echo reply sent, src, dest


That is the only evidence that there was a ping. There is another ASR901 at ip that is working fine. It shows recieved and sent when I ping it from solarwinds. The ACL's in the devices along the path allow the entire subnet and are not logging a deny for this traffic.


Any helpful advice into troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated.

My work laptop has usb blocked so I cannot get you a backup of the device.

MHM Cisco World
Collaborator is your ASR IP ?
in the First Ping 
Server - ASR 
ASR is 
receive the ping Echo Reply so the ACL Inbound accept the Ping Echo Reply

in PC-ASR 
ASR is send the ping Echo Reply so the ACL Inbound accept the Ping Echo 

But the Subnet you use for both Server and PC is different ???

So I worried about the FW, Why because the FW in case of the Server-ASR is only accept the return back traffic if the traffic is initiate  from it INISDE interface "more secure". BUT FW will not accept traffic initiate from OUTSIDE interface "Low Secure".

I agree that clarification of the addressing of the server, of the router, and of the PC would be helpful. 


I am surprised by this debug output

ICMP: echo reply rcvd, src, dst

I would expect to see echo request received. Why is the router receiving echo reply?


VIP Expert

Can you post the configruaiton, i am thinking there may be ACL which blocking pings, since you confirmed SSH works ok


but this is just assumptions, once we have config, we can confirm what is wrong ?



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paul driver
VIP Mentor

Disable any software firewall on the server and test again, as by default icmp echo-reply would be denied if enabled, Long term if software firewall is required create policy to allow echo-reply

kind regards

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I am thinking about the message

echo reply rcvd, src, dst,

can you clarify what is and what is