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Router with 3 Layer 3 WAN IP addressable Ports

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I have a project where I need a Cisco router that had 3 Layer3 IP Addressable (WAN) ports.

I can't seen to find exactly what I'm looking for.

Any suggestions?

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That is a very broad request - pretty much any Cisco router will have WAN interfaces that you can put an IP address on. Can you be more specific? Are there any more requirements that need satisfying such as interface termination, throughput etc?

Sorry, I forgot to mention.. Gigabit Ethernet.

We have been advised in the past with a Cisco 800 [891]F which has 2 WAN ports 1GBE and 1 FE

and an 8port switch which I was told could be made Layer 3. but nope.

The 8 port switch would not be used for WAN termination. Have a look here at the other ISR routers:

It is a bit hard to make solid recommendations without knowing what other requirements need satisfying / budget etc.

Yeah it's not really about WAN termination it all about being able to apply IP addressing onto the interfaces.

How about a Cisco 1921 with a Cisco - EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU= ?

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