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RV260W Wifi stops working after some time

We recently purchased a Cisco RV260W wifi router.  We implemented and the router is working well, but:

After a few days of working, Wifi stops responding.  We can still see the SSID on the network, but the router wifi first starts behaving flaky and then after a bit longer, stops working altogether.

We reboot and the router wifi starts working again.

We are now having to reboot about once a week.

Anyone else with this problem?  Any solutions?



this affects the entire RV line with wireless.

here's the the release notes for firmware for the rv340w:

Caveats Acknowledged in Release

CSCvn25722 - Wireless instability causing disconnections.
Workaround: Reboot or power cycle the router.

That's cisco's solution. smh.


This is at least a step forward - to acknowledge that there is a BIG bug...
I still wonder why it takes so long to fix this bug when it is so
relatively easy to reproduce for so many customers ...

Has anybody tried the new firmware v1.0.01.01 released on September 14th 2020?  The release notes don't specifically address the issue we all have, but it mentions an improvement of 'Optimize wireless stability'. 


I'm going to try it out over the weekend and hope for the best.  How much worse could it possibly be?


No I havn't. And I have to admit that I have turned over to a solution with
no AP on the Cisco device.
I's stable and I don't want to introduce downtime again...



I was interested in purchasing one of these same devices, however these posts about WiFi issues are dissuading me.


I would very much like to purchase this product, but I do not wish to have to implement a work around AP solution as this is only for a SOHO.


Does anyone know if the latest firmware update from September 14th of 2020 has resolved these WiFi issues?






the release notes (linked below) only mention 'Optimimzed wireless stability'.


Somewhere in this post somebody has suggested a viable workaround:


--> I was able to resolve my issue finally. After the update to, I thought certainly it would resolve the issue. However, it made the issues worse. Instead of having to reboot the router every two or three days, it became a daily recurrence. This is what I did and I have had zero issues in two weeks. I changed the 2.4GHz radio to N-Only. I changed the 5GHz radio to A/N/AC-Mixed. When I did this in the dashboard, all 12 devices reconnected to the wireless without even having to reboot the router. Cisco really should work to resolve this issue with the radios. Please let me know if this works. <--


Release Notes for Cisco RV160x and RV260x Router Firmware Version up to1.0.01.01

VIP Mentor


When this occurs do any wired users have problems connecting to the internet if they do it maybe the router as whole?
Have you check the routers logs for any reported errors?

As for the wifi If possible try relocating the wifi router to a more open space, Check its antennas are not misplaced poinint the wrong direction, also for anything that could absorb/reflect the wifi signal, If your wifi clients support it try changing the wifi band to 5Ghz.

kind regards

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I have ordered the RV160W and will test this thoroughly as soon as it arrives.

It's hard to believe that multiple people would have the same issue due to antenna/router placement and so forth.

Changing the radio settings did not seem to resolve this for all experiencing the issue either.

There seems to be little information on this product series online. I may end up doing a video review if time permits.




The only way to resolve the wifi problem with the Cisco RV160W OR RV260W is to disable wifi completely and have another router be the primary wifi base station, connected through a wired connection.
I would have to disable/renable the wifi every 24-36 hours on both the RV160W and RV260W. I finally got fed up with the problem and did what I recommended above and I have not had a problem since. Good Luck.
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