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Router 4221 WebUI access failed

Hi to everyone,I have a Cisco Router 4221. firmware:isr4200-universalk9_ias.17.03.02.SPA.bin I did these commands for enable the webUIip dhcp pool WEBUIPoolnetwork webu...

ASR903 - uea_mgr causing 100% CPU

Hello, We have a ASR903 running 16.09.04. We have 2x A900-RSP3C-400-S route processors installed, and hit an issue when we were migrating over to the 903 from our old core Juniper router. During the migration CPU was sitting about 95% constantly, on ...

Resolved! ISR 4000 Boost not working

i have a 4000 series with a license for boost the license appear on cisco website and on the router yet i cannot use it..  Version 16.6.4 SML is disabled  Installing...Feature:booster_performance...Failed:% Error: Duplicate license0/1 licenses were s...

Yu3 by Beginner
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ASK Portchannel Subinerface on ASR1002

Hello Experts!My customer have ASR1002  IOS-XE 15.1.(3).So they want to make Gi1/0/1 and Gi1/0/2 as 1 port channel (Po1). From that Po1, they want to make 2 subinterface po1.300, po1.305. Po1.300 as GW for VLAN300 and Po1.305 as GW for VLAN305. This ...

DHCP Pool on VLAN with PC fixed address

Hello, I am trying to configure on a Catalyst 1000 switch a DHCP Server on network with a fixed IP address of for a PC Network with a specific MAC address. Here is the steps I followed :1) Type commands on Switchconf t ip...

victorc7 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco router to modem

Hi, I'm new in networking field, and just have a question related to router. Usually, for home network, I will have modem connect to Internet (WAN) port on the home router, and then use the ethernet ports on the router to connect Access point or end ...


Problem in DMVPN

 As, i am trying to do DMVPN using OSPF. But OSPF neighbor does not created. And R1(HO) router also get some notification such as %CRYPTO-4-RECVD_PKT_NOT_IPSEC: Rec'd packet not an IPSEC packet. (ip) vrf/dest_addr= /, src_addr=


IP address ranges for

Hi colleagues, my IOS-XE Routing and Switching devices configured for "Smart Licensing Using policy" communicate directly with CSSM, which is As I'm securing my devices with an Infrastructure ACL, I'm wondering if there is an...

Daniel-nl by Beginner
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Floating Static route (Backup path) redistributed to OSPF>BGP not being able to get back to primary path once remote site goes up

Hello guys, Wondering if someone can help with the current scenario. To explain further, I'll try to summarize in each normal and backup condition. I'll just put an example of just (2) sites; but in reality there are other remote sites connecting to ...

Resolved! Cisco 2951: setting up and changing a static route.

Hello, I have two access points, but they are connected to a computer:AP1 (the ipaddr of the computer interface is (the ipaddr of the computer interface is computer's ip "itself" is 192.168....

roncro by Participant
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U-Turn NAT on Cisco ASA 5506-X issue

Hello everyone, I got stuck trying to create a u-turn NAT rule for one server and I was hoping someone could guide me in the right direction. I have a web server in VLAN230 which is accessible via port 443 on 2_outside interface: nat (3.230_inside,2_...

Lukasz P by Beginner
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