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Lee Santos

Same Network by 2 OSPF Protocols

Hello experts,

currently I have 2 links L2L, for one link routed a network, by the second link is routed other networks on my network.

I Need routed the network by the two links, but always take the link 1.

I tried to add the network under the second OSPF protocol, but the network never propagated.

my ios does not support PBR, anyone know how I can resolve my problem

Annex to the topology diagram.




It will not redistribute all connected because i am using route-map, plz see carefully 

and the second point is, it is not the opposite , because is reaching the right hand switch with "O" mean same area, if u see the diagram , then it show that from left switch to right AREA 0, very interesting, I practically did it, after preparing a test bed lab.

thirdly, i cannot understand, why redistributing on all routers, even they don't have effect on routes

see the attachment



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Point taken about the route map but i am not sure how you know it will be fa0/0 that has the network ?

I'm not sure i understand the othe point you make. Because of the redistribution on the routers will appear as OSPF external routes over both links. 

You seem to be saying it reach the right hand L3 switch in the same area but if you are redistributing on the intermediate routers then it won't because this will change them into external routes.

If you look at the output from the OPs test lab it shows as E2.

I may well be missing something so could you clarify why the routes do not show as external ?

Edit - just read the last part of your post. You seem to be saying the redistribution has no effect which is interesting. If i get time today i will lab it up but if understand you correctly i agree that does seem a bit unusual.



Thanks alot for your help, I will make the changes for route-map configuration. 



I receive the comments by ISP that 2 OSPF process, just to make to fast configuration, not have any problem to make any changes.


I changed the route-map for the following.

route-map TEST permit 10
 match source-protocol ospf 10
 set metric-type type-1

and it works, do you know if it´s good practice to be implemented


Syed / Jon 

Thank you for your valuable support. 

My problem has been resolved.