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Start and initial configure a 887VA-SEC-K9 ADSL/VDSL Router

Good Morning,

Our company just purchased a 887VA ADSL/VDSL router.

I don't havy any experience with Cisco routers and I feel a bit ashamed, but I really need some help.

When powered the router, all ports are off. in CLI the router starts, but obviously there is no startup configuration.

I look around this forum, but I've found nothing to help a neebie like me (in cisco routers ) to startup and run this machine.

When trying to start the CCA it sees the router but with ? sign.

Is ther an GUI which I can use to make the initial configuration (adsl account / network config / frewall etc) like the other more simple adsl routers or there is only the CLI way?

And if this exist - how to start it.

I'm wondering why Cisco when delivers a unit never put inside the startup instructions / manual. There are 20 pages how to connect the power and fix it on the wall but no word how to make it running. Maybe to show you how stupid you are and how great Cisco is. And they call this Small Business (ordinary user) series.

Thanks in advance for your help and understanding, which will be really highly appreciated.


Accepted Solutions

CCP is largely useless. You will have to use CLI, from CLI examples.

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Hall of Fame Master

The true best way is to have an expereinced person to set it up for you.

Otherwise you can serch this forum for similar threads, of which there are many.


Hi & Thanks,

I didn't say that we haven't any experience. Just this unit did not start. And in addition it was almost impossible to  download the CCP Express. We had to search a torrent and download it from tne internet.

The CCPE start the configuration ask for IP (alows only on Eth0) and then goes to the comunity managment, but when ask to connect to the router it doesn't. Even the router doesn't respond to ping on the fresh defined address. Can you advise what are we doing wrong. I and my associate have about 20 yrs IT experience but no Cisco , so we're newbies here.

Thanks for the help


CCP is largely useless. You will have to use CLI, from CLI examples.

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I see

Thanks a lot. I've already found how to configure different interfaces.

thanks a lot to deliver me from the hesitations