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Static Routing limits - need a lower cost solution

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Level 1

We recently ordered two 48 port 3650 switches that we stacked.  We wanted to replace our Force 10 switches that currently do a lot of static routing (required because of multiple external private networks we need to route to).   On reading Cisco documentation, we thought the LAN Base would be enough to cover us, but now are finding out to do more than 16 Static Routes, we need the IP Services license, which would cost us over $11,000 to cover both switches.


To us, that's insane just to get more static routes (we would need around 112 routes due to our unique requirements with overlapping private networks)  - we wouldn't be using the other services provided with that license.  


Without keeping the Force 10 as our distribution switches - what other options could we look at?  I was possibly thinking of some sort of router on a stick configuration, but are there any cisco routers that would be cost effective (and allow that many static routes) in dong this? 



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Renan Abreu
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
What is your exact model? I think LAN BASE won't do it, but I am guessing IP Base should do the trick, you shouldn't need IP Services but I would like to confirm.
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