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I am trying to figure out the best way to implement QoS with our current Network, I just found out about Adaptive QoS and I was wondering do you really need IPsec on your DMVPN tunnel for this to work or is there another way around this  

I have a question regarding the position of the Data Communication Equipment (DCE) in the case of connecting to a Frame Relay cloud. Please look at the attached picture which I downloaded from the link below (Under the section "The Basics")   http://...

Howdy,   Here's what I'm trying to achieve: We have an MPLS cloud (five sites).  Routes being advertised via BGP. Site 1 is advertising "network" Site 1 gets its default route from an ASA via EIGRP All five sites currently route to Site 1 for...

HOLLYW00D by Level 1
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Hello,   I performed the following steps:   Router#configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. Router(config)#controller t1 0 Router(config-controller)#no pri-group timeslots 1-24 Router(config-controller)#channe...

JTx by Level 1
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Hi, I am using the dmz server and internal network. Every thing is working fine but I am having a issue. I am connected to a ISP switch(Egress-link). Its ip is , it can be pinged from directly connected router but It is not pinging from ...


I configured a cisco c887VA-w-e-k9 router. here is the configuration:   ip dhcp excluded-address dhcp excluded-address dhcp excluded-address dhcp excluded-address dhcp excluded-address 1...

Resolved! DMVPN QoS

we are currently using DMVPN, we have applied QoS attributes to the hub and spokes everything I have read about DMVPN QoS explains the QoS being applied to the hub and the spokes being added to a NHRP group. what my question is can you apply this on ...

When a company gets a leased line connection between 2 offices in 2 different cities would there be a dedicated line all the way from the office in first city to the office in 2nd City? Is the below representation accurate? "-->" represents a Leased ...

Hi,Sorry to bother you all.Im new to Cisco equipment and weve just upgraded to a all singing 8000 series (887VA) to be precise.i'm having difficultys in setting the router to connect to our BT ADSL2 business broadband, we have a static IP but on norm...

almailing by Level 1
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Hello, i've configured a pseudowire-connection between two cisco 2811, to use some vlans on an other site. Connection works but i can only use 10% of the actual Bandwith. Something seems to slow down the pseudowire connection. Here's the related conf...

ciscocase by Level 1
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Hi Team,   We have 2 server in two locations    India - USA -   We have both MPLS and Internet. I need to move between these two servers traffic to VPN tunnel via Internet. Now VPN is up and we are able to make data copy betw...

Hello guys,  I would like to know a scenario for the inter-vlan routing. As we know that switch can perform the L3 routing between the vlan which eliminates the need to router-on-stick etc. I have a scenario for a customer to perform routing between ...