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TFTP Server issues on 2911

I have a Cisco 2911 router with the UC license running IOS c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.157-3.M.bin and a SM-ES2-24-P switch installed into it with 5 IP phones connected to the switch. Please note that this is a Service Module switch and not an external switch.

I have everything working correctly including several background images to select from on the phones.

I can TFTP a file to the root directory with no problems and the the images are still available on the phones.

But as soon as I TFTP any file to a sub-directory on the router, the phones can no longer get the background images to select from.

To get the the background image selections to return on the phones by restarting the router.

The results below are after I TFTP'd a file to the PhoneFile directory on the router. | Background images NOT working

Router# debug tftp ev
Router# debug tftp pa
000364: Oct 15 16:59:51.710: TFTP: Server request for port 51146, socket_id 0x287742FC for process 137
000365: Oct 15 16:59:51.714: TFTP: read request from host via Vlan200
000366: Oct 15 16:59:51.714: TFTP: Looking for Desktops/320x216x16/List.xml
000367: Oct 15 16:59:51.714: TFTP: Sending error 1 No such file
Router#sh run | s tftp
tftp-path flash:
tftp-server flash:Desktops/800x480x24/List.xml
tftp-server flash:Desktops/800x480x24/PSE_800x480S.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/800x480x24/CTS_800x480S.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/800x480x24/PSE_800x480E.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/800x480x24/CTS_800x480E.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/800x480x24/PSE_139x109S.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/800x480x24/PSE_139x109E.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/800x480x24/CTS_139x109S.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/800x480x24/CTS_139x109E.png
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/boot1288xx.BE-01-007.sbn alias boot1288xx.BE-01-007.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/fbi88xx.BE-01-012.sbn alias fbi88xx.BE-01-012.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/kern288xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn alias kern288xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/kern388xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn alias kern388xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/kern88xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn alias kern88xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/m0patch288xx.BE-01-001.sbn alias m0patch288xx.BE-01-001.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/preloader88xx.BE-01-002.sbn alias preloader88xx.BE-01-002.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/rootfs288xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn alias rootfs288xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/rootfs388xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn alias rootfs388xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/rootfs88xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn alias rootfs88xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/sb2288xx.BE-01-013.sbn alias sb2288xx.BE-01-013.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/sb2388xx.BE-01-026.sbn alias sb2388xx.BE-01-026.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/sb288xx.BE-01-026.sbn alias sb288xx.BE-01-026.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/sip88xx.12-6-1-0001-668.loads alias sip88xx.12-6-1-0001-668.loads
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/ssb288xx.BE-01-007.sbn alias ssb288xx.BE-01-007.sbn
tftp-server flash:PhoneFiles/88x1/vc488xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn alias vc488xx.12-6-1-0001-668.sbn


Below are the results after the router reboots. NO changes were made.| Background images ARE working

Router# debug tftp ev
Router# debug tftp pa
000148: *Oct 15 17:07:44.512: TFTP: Server request for port 51344, socket_id 0x2844E808 for process 137
000149: *Oct 15 17:07:44.512: TFTP: read request from host via Vlan200
000150: *Oct 15 17:07:44.512: TFTP: Looking for Desktops/320x216x16/List.xml
000151: *Oct 15 17:07:44.512: TFTP: Opened flash0:Desktops/320x216x16/List.xml, fd 10, size 267 for process 137
000152: *Oct 15 17:07:44.524: TFTP: Sending block 1 (retry 0), len 267, socket_id 0x2844E808

Hall of Fame Community Legend

@Michael Durham wrote:

I don't see this in your config.


Desktops/320x216x16/List.xml has nothing to do with the TFTP server not working after an upload to a sub directory on the router. 

Also, that is for a different phone model and it IS in the full config.