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Unequal load-sharing with static routes + Local IP

kam thang
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Level 1

Hi Guys,

I'm planning to configure Unequal load-sharing with static routes (1:2) on our router 2951. We have to seperate ISP lease line provider 30Mbps and 45Mbps. Our local ip is in the - Is there a way i can enable the local ip address range - 50 to access only the 30Mbps line and the rest of the ip address to access only the 45Mbps?

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Richard Burts
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

You could achieve this by configuring Policy Based Routing. In PBR you configure a route map. The route map will use an access list to identify traffic to be policy routed and will set the ip next hop. So you would configure an access list to specify the first IP range and set its next hop to the 30 interface and another access list to specify the second range and set its next hop to the 45 interface.





Level 1
Level 1

Hi Kam,

Yes, Rick is right ,you can go with PBR...

Here is the sample configuration... ( other Gurus may come with different solution :-) )


access-list 1 permit
ip access-list standard RESTOFNETWORK   ( or you can use Prefix-list)
10 permit
20 permit

interface gi0/1  ( LAN Interface)
ip policy route-map PBR

route-map PBR permit 10

match ip address 1

set next-hop <>

route-map PBR permit 20

match ip address RESTOFNETWORK

set next-hop <>


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