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Vlan over DSL Point to multipoint

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I am looking for a solution to carry one L2 Internet vlan on 10 remote dsl/Atm connected sites.

For security, this L2 Vlan has no IP add and is not routable across internal network

On each remote site, is a C870 router used for internal people.

I want to reserve one Eth interface for external people surfing on Internet without leasing a new separate access.

I have seen 2 cisco solutions:

- L2TPv3

Easy to set up.

It can carry L2 traffic across Dsl lines and terminate on any C870 L2 interface

I just have to xconnect my internet vlan to the same Vid than remote site

Problem is it is not multipoint, just point to point

I can't create more than one xconnect Vid for each remote site on L2 Vlan sub interface.

- mGRE

I can have multiple remote tunnels for one on Lan site

But I don't know how to bridge it to L2 Vlan (no bridge-group command on tunnel interface).

Any help ?


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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

You will find that atempting to bridge over the internet is difficult and unrealiable.

For this reason you will never see any white paper or other document recommending that.

The best choice is traditional routing. Stable, predictable, mantainable. Once you deviate from that, yoi only collect problems.

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