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VLSM Subnetting help


Hello, I would like some help for this VLSM subnetting. Classless subnetting I still haven't gotten down yet, but classful is easy enough since you use the same sub mask.

So it gives me an IP:

and it gives me 2 hosts: Router 2: 30 hosts and Router 1: 14 hosts but it doesn't mention how many hosts the wan has or the switch etc.

from these info I have to somehow find out the ip addresses in packet tracer so i can connect the different routers/pcs/switches/wan and on paper I have to write down the subnet nr, network ID, Custom netmask, broadcast

here is the assignment:

and i've linked my packet tracer too. I really need help with this. 

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Georg Pauwen
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I'll have a look at the Packet Tracer file...

Basically, for two hosts, you need a /30 mask, e.g.: --> gives you two usable host IP addresses, and

For 14 host addresses, you need a /28 mask, e.g.: --> this will give you 14 hosts ( -

There are various tools available on the Internet that help with VLSM, such as the one linked below:

I already have the CIDR's. The one with 30 hosts has a sub mask of 27 and the 14 hosts has a sub mask of 28. It's just the rest i can't seem to figure out


I have attached the revised file. The PC config tabs are locked, you need to configure the below:


IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:


IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

thank you, but how do you do the subnetting parts? the subnet nr. The network ID. the custom netmask and the broadcast. What do I write in those columns?

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