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umer zubairi

VSS support on 4500 Sup 8e

Dear Experts,

I've been waiting for IOS 3.6.0Xe to enable VSS in a data center deployment. 

I heard that Cisco has planned to release it in June, 2014 but till now there's no update for this. 

Is there anyone who can help me to know whether Cisco is releasing this in June 2014 or I've to stay on the HSRP.

Best Regards,


Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

A major IOS release date is planned for the end of June 2014.  I am not sure if Sup8E VSS is supported by then. 

Sorry I didn't get your answer bro

Actually I've been waiting for it since so long to enable VSS on my 4507 equipped with 8e Supervisor 




Either talk to your Cisco SE/AM or wait until the end of June 2014 for a swathe of major IOS releases.

Cisco has released 3.6.0 last week, can somebody please confirm if VSS is supported on Sup 8e with this long awaited release?

I need to know this urgently as my client is requiring this feature since so long.

Best Regards,


Hi Umer, 


Sup8E now supports Easy VSS:  Beginning with Cisco IOS XE 3.6.0E (IOS 15.2(2)E), the Catalyst 4500 series switch supports Easy VSS, which enables you to configure VSS with a single command on the active switch and no action on the VSS standby switch.

The active switch can gather information from all switches that are Layer 3 reachable.

Richard Primm
Cisco Employee

Yes 3.6.0 does support VSS on the Sup8 - VERY IMPORTANT: you must upgrade the rom software to 15.1(1r)SG4 before loading 3.6.





Yes 3.6.0 does support VSS on the Sup8

Hi Luke, 


According the 3.6.0 Release Notes, Sup8E supports EASY VSS.  


What's the difference between Easy VSS and plain VSS?  


Hi Umer,


SUP8-E Supports Easy VSS when using IP-Base IOS (which is the default paper license) and full featured VSS when using Enterprise Services license. For complete details and the difference between Easy VSS and VSS, please go through the highlighted text in the attachments.

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Best Regards,




Hi Najaf - those links no longer work. Do you have the names of the documents?

Also - I have 2 x 4507R+E each with dual Sup8e's and IPBase. Can I use Quad-VSS still?

Does Easy-VSS cover the same connection setup as Quad-VSS?


Has anyone deployed Easy VSS with SUP-8e yet?  

If so, please share your experience as we are looking to deploy this setup within the next month.



Hey Josh,


I can help you with this, do you have any direct questions?  Is there a reason for Easy VSS over setting up normal VSS?  





As far as I understand traditional/normal VSS is only supported with the enterprise services license when using SUP8e's - we will only have IP Base, and therefore can only leverage the "easy VSS".

So I am trying to understand the limitations of easy vss vs normal vss.



With Sup8E running 3.6.0E, Easy VSS is a new way of implementing VSS by using a single command.  Apparently this will be the new "normal" VSS.  


anyone knows if you can have dual sup in each chassis.

it does not seem to be the case with sup 8e


i know you can do with the 6500