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WAN Technology for rural areas


I am currently working on a client site where the client has rural branches. I would really appreciate suggestions for connectivity solutions as the client feels VSAT and fibre (of course microwave access from the last POP for certain areas) are not cost effective solutions. He suggested the use of dungles but i know the level of security on this solution is rather minial. The implentation would be in phases due to cost restraints starting from connectivity within the branch and replication of data to other branches, then connectivity of all the branches and subsequently connectivity to the Head Office.

A branch consists of at most 10 users and dey upload data of about 3Mbps daily. they are looking for a connectivity solution that is cost effective,secure and scalable to support future expansion.




Hi DJ,

no other solution than Wireless ISP. They use the 802.11a protocol with or without license and they can reach quite incredible performances. I am not telling this just because i have heard of it.. I have planned and implemented a full W-ISP myself observing manytechnologies like Motorola, Cisco, Mikrotik, Ceragon and the great Alvarion covering rural areas for up to 9000 users ...

Believe me, for a remote office no other solution will better implement and match their requirements. After a W-ISP experience, they will feel fibre like the only choice to improve the service. Be even aware that recently new frequencies have been released and new technologies are going to be deployed.

Should you appreciate also this kind of technology, CCNP Wireless is very attractive too

Hope this helps



Hello Alessio,

thanks for the response. by wireless ISP do u mean microwave access. that is from the ISP fibre POP the client links up using a radio?

thanks Paola and Alessio has adequately explained what a dungle is and how it functionc.



Hi Dj,

it is a bit uncommon to call a base station "PoP" but essentially is what, in certain cases, is. In my case i was bringing layer 3 connectivity up to these base station and delivering vlan connectivity forwarded to the PTMP (Point to multipoint) antenna which was communicating with small antennas that our engineers where installing on the customer offices/home roof. The idea is the same than an indoor WiFi but when it comes to radio planning and line of sight and frequencies disturbance and interferencies and many more ... you start to dream the indoor WiFi !!! The point is that they are very reliable and very often, if the W-ISP is serious , the customer does not even thing about coming back to leased lines or ADSL or else for the stability of the link.

There are many different protocols and radio frequencies that can be used but a traditional deployment uses the 802.11a for the distance that it can reach out. I had myself a connection back to my provider and i could get (max configured rate) 5mbps download and 3.5 Mbps upload 12+km (yes kilometres) far away from my base station (the station you are pointing at). If your customer has big needs, no problem at all. The W-ISP will propose a PTP link that 5 years ago could transport up to 300Mbps if licensed (usning 40Mhz rather than 20Mhz (unlicensed). PTP links of course have no issues for many kilomtres more than the single antenna and again, with license, they are similar to fibre in terms of performances but less expensive to install (no digging required).

The way my ex-company didn't and will never be a leader was for very different reasons from the technical ones, but trust me when I say that the wireless potential is still greatly uncovered.

And for you the advantage would be a very easy installation with technologies that from your perspective look as complicated as bridges, less than switches!!!!! And no security breaches. If you want, these connections can be very secure. Alvarion, my favourite, is implementing militar networks too across all the world. An italian company, SIAE Microelettronica is also doing very high quality long distances wireless transmissions. I don't want to get you bored talking about this, but have a look on their site.. you'll be surprised!

Hope i did help you


Hall of Fame Master

What are 'dungles' ?

If there is cellular data service in the area, use it with a cellular router.

Or use a local ISP and arrrange a wireless shot.

I nothing of that is available, the only solution is VSAT.


Ciao Paolo,

dungles look like small "memory stick" with generally a USB connector to your laptop which have an antenna rather than space for data inside. this antennas generally implement 3g/4g or simply 802.11a protocol or else,  for wireless communication. I guess you identify what this word is describing..

Take Care


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