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WS-C6506-E with DCEF2T %IPv4 CEF not running

Level 1
Level 1

Hi guys.

I've just installed card C6800-32P10G in my 6506 with 2T supervisor:


But I noticed, that only L2 traffic could be operated via this card and any L3 traffic couldn't.

I made a lab enviroment:

I connected a PC( directly to this card, and configured access-port and svi( in the same vlan. And I can't ping the PC with source of the SVI. But I can do transit ping to this PC via this card from another switch.

I connected to this module and checked cef and cef related tables. And all these tables are empty:


hostname-dfc3#show platform hardware cef   
 --- Hardware Entry(ies) from Earl 1(Default Earl) ---
Codes: decap - Decapsulation, + - Push Label
Index  Prefix                Adjacency
hostname-dfc3#show platform hardware cef vpn 0 lookup
--- Hardware Entry(ies) from Earl 1(Default Earl) ---


hostname-dfc3#show ip cef  
%IPv4 CEF not running
But I have the same switch with the simmilar card and all these tables are full of entries.
And I got that ip cef is automatically turned on in this module and I don't need to configure it.
Could you help to figure out what's happening with this card?
Thanks in advance.


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Level 7
Level 7


What is the output of "show cef state" on the switch - excerpt from my 6807 (with VS-SUP2T-10G and C6800-16P10G with DCEF2T) shows:

IPv4 CEF Status:
CEF enabled/running
dCEF enabled/running
CEF switching enabled/running

Does your similar switch that is working ok have "ip cef distributed" command?


Hi! Thanks for your reply.

The problem was fixed by full switch rebooting


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