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x25 over tcp/ip


Hello, i've attached an image with my scenario.

I want to connect from my  TCP/IP based terminal to the x25 terminal. (please show the diagram i've attached)

There is something missing in my head that doesn't allows me to imagine how to connect to the x25 Terminal.

Now i don't have the necessary infraestructure to make test and know how to connect, so i need that someone answer my questions.

I have developed a java application with a tcp socket. That socket manage tcp connections. When a tcp packet arrives i convert the data (that is the x25 packet and xot header) into understandable information. When i want to send a message i used this converter to create the correct x25 packet , then i add the xot header and i want to send it through the socket.

Now my questions:

1) How do i establish connections from my socket to the x25 terminal?

2) What is the ip that i've to put in the socket configuration to communicate with the x25 terminal? what about the port?

Basically i don't understand how to establish the peer to peer connection. If i use a socket i need to connect to someone in order to send and receive messages. so i don' t understand who is that one and if it is the correct way.

Thanks in advance...


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Tharak Abraham


If you are stuck with the XoT side, this might help:-

Hello Tharak... thank you for your answer.

I had read that article yesterday but it didn´t explains me if i have to open a connection using my socket and configuring the router xot ip on it or how to establish a communication from my tcp application to the x25 terminal.

can anybody explain me how does it work?

Basically how i have to connect using my tcp/ip terminal that have a socket implemented? do i have to connect to the router xot and then it connects to the specific x25 terminal itself with the correct configuration?

Thanks in advance again...


Why spending time and money to reinvent the wheel ?

Use a $200 router and it wil convert anything perfectly.

Hi p.bevilacqua !

Can you specify me what does the router convert?

I don' t understand if i will receive tcp packets with x25 packets in the data field of tcp or what.

Yes, that  is one thing it can do, there are more.

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