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DaeHeon Kang

How to migrate SD-WAN image to IOS XE with ISR 4K or 1K?



I am trying to find the procedure how to migrate SD-WAN image to IOS XE with ISR 4K or 1K.

Is there any kind of Cisco document about it?

Cisco Employee

That document is for upgrading IOS XE to SD-WAN image.

I am looking for any stuff about downgrading SD-WAN image to IOS XE.

this is also documented at very end of the same link that I shared. simply, you need to:


- reload the router

- break into ROM MON

- boot router with a none-SD-WAN IOS-XE release.

I missed the information the end of the document.

Thank you, Elesani

I could not be able to open that link. Do you know any other solution to this problem. I am trying to convert SD-WAN os to IOS-XE on cisco routers.

Cisco Employee

Hi, I have the same issue where I need to do downgrade to IOS XE but the document detailing the process is no longer available


Do you guys perhaps still have it or can upload the actual pdf please?




This might be a little too late, but might help someone else that lands on this page, as I run into the same issue.


How I was able to migrate an ISR 4221 from an SD-WAN image to IOS-XE was to:


1. download the IOS-XE image from the Cisco software site to a USB flash drive. I then connected the USB flash drive to the router


2. copy the IOS-XE image file from the USB flash drive to the router's flash


   e.g. Router#copy usb0:isr4200-universalk9_ias.16.06.05.SPA.bin flash:


3. after the image file has completed copying, reload


4. interrupt the reload so that the router boots into ROMMON


5. in ROMMON, change the boot image file to the IOS-XE file that you previously copied


   e.g. rommon 1 > boot bootflash:isr4200-universalk9_ias.16.06.05.SPA.bin


At this point, the router should then proceed to boot using the IOS-XE file, and you'll have the router migrated from the SD-WAN image.

Cisco Employee

Upgrade/Downgrade from SDWAN to IOS-XE



Post migration if you're facing any issues like Controller mode or Autonomous mode. pls follow the below link


Simon Ko

Do this:

1. Reboot

2. Break

3. In Rommon, insert FAT formated USB Flash with IOS-XE bin file.

4. boot usb:/filename.bin

5. Format bootflash:

6. Copy from usb: to bootflash:

7. reboot



I had this issue too and tried by doing the .bin file but the router did not recognize this file and i woudlnt take it to boot.

After reading a bit I noticed that routers with IOS SDWAN 16.10.3a version only recognize .PKG and .CONF files, so what  I did was


1. Copy the   IOS XE (in my case it was version 16.9.3) from a USB memory to the bootflash: drive

2. Generate the package from a .BIN file to a different directory

 a.- Router# mkdir bootflash:isr4400-universalk9

 b.-Router# request platform software package expand file bootflash:isr4400-universalk9-NIM.bin to bootflash:isr4400-universalk9


3.-Enter the ROMON mode and force the router to start with the recently created .CONF file 

rommon 1 > boot bootflash:isr4400-universalk9/packages.conf


4.After booting you need to change the register configuration and the boot system conf






I have a direct inquiry and i hope to get a clear reply. I'm still in the process of discovering/exploring Cisco Viptela SD-WAN whole solution architecture from a theoretical perspective. I need to determine the compatible ASR1K XE standard based IOSs series routers that are XE SD-WAN capable. Reviewing Cisco official [resources/documents] about XE platforms than can support XE  SD-WAN IOSs, the release notes for [Amsterdam 17.3.x - Amsterdam 17.2.x  - 16.12.x ] list the supported ASR1K routers which are only [ASR 1002-HX and ASR 1002-X & ASR 1001-HX and ASR 1001-X]. In lab environment we have ASR1004 and ASR1006, are those platforms are not SD-WAN capable in context to Cisco XE SD-WAN supported ASR1K resources. Appreciate your feedback !



To anyone who still needs this, 


Follow this process - Downgrade Software on Router That Runs Cisco IOS-XE SD-WAN to Classic Cisco IOS-XE Software