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Hi, I'm testing a draft workflow that modifies a user's attributes in Duo using the Duo Admin API and based on the "Duo - Admin - Add User to Group" atomic.  Currently it just modifies user's notes:When I use spaces in the notes parameter, it fails t...

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TomML by Beginner
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Hello SecureX friends!I am struggling to connect Cisco WSA with SecureX. The error message is "Health check of Module failed: - There was an unexpected error in the WSA module". The WSA virtual appliance is registered in SSE, I followed every step of...

Hi i'm working on an intregation and I want to import some data to securex dashboard. I'm following this devnet tutorial >

lschwabd by Cisco Employee
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Hey everyone! I am working on coming up with a Managed Security offering for the company I work for. Cisco SecureX and the Cisco Security suite offer amazing visibility and one pane of glass to manage Security and Incident Response, but there are som...

DevLop by Beginner
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Hello!   I am working on adding an Admin to multiple SecureX organizations. I know for Meraki there are scripts for bulk admin management that allow you to select 'all' for organization and add someone to all the orgs the API key has access to. Is th...

DevLop by Beginner
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Hello!   I am taking ownership of our SecureX environment and noticed we are almost continuously creating Incidents for known-bad IPs trying to connect to us from the internet. At this point, we have over 30,000 open incidents, and none of them are r...

DevLop by Beginner
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Hey network, i am working on a project where i need to integrate FMC in cisco secureX. Well that part worked but now i would like to use the orchestration tool in secureX to automate some workflows. I would like to block a firewall rule with it. Does...

jonasL by Beginner
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Hi allI hope someone could answer me a question about multi line rendering. I've a json output in a python script but my \n always got rendered in a multiline (see attachement json).Through that behaviour I'm not able to post this json as a message i...

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